Published: September 21, 2021
Ontario, Canada

Innovating Safe and Effective Giving Campaigns with Eflyn Hand Sanitizer Kiosks for World Vision

Case Study: Innovating Safe and Effective Giving Campaigns with Eflyn Hand Sanitizer Kiosks for World Vision


The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges for organizations worldwide, impacting traditional methods of conducting activities and events. World Vision, a renowned humanitarian organization, faced the challenge of adapting its annual giving campaigns in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) malls to ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance with health guidelines. Seeking an innovative solution, they turned to Eflyn for assistance.


The inability to host traditional giving campaigns due to the pandemic left World Vision seeking a way to continue their vital work while prioritizing the safety of both participants and employees. They needed a solution that would allow them to conduct effective campaigns without requiring constant employee supervision.


Eflyn collaborated closely with World Vision to design a unique and effective solution that met their requirements. The proposed Hand Sanitizer Kiosk provided an innovative approach to hosting campaigns in a safe and engaging manner. The kiosk’s dual functionality – as a hand sanitizer dispenser and a communication platform – proved to be an ideal fit.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Safety First: The Hand Sanitizer Kiosk not only facilitated hand sanitization but also contributed to maintaining a safe environment by minimizing physical contact and promoting hygiene.
  1. Efficiency and Engagement: The kiosk’s attractive design, coupled with the RGB lighting and sleek front casing, drew attention and engagement from mall visitors. This ensured effective communication of World Vision’s mission and goals.
  1. Corporate Branding: The kiosk’s customization capabilities allowed for effective corporate branding, creating a visually cohesive and impactful representation of World Vision’s identity.
  1. Unsupervised Operation: The kiosk’s user-friendly design enabled easy and unsupervised operation, reducing the need for constant employee presence and enhancing efficiency.
  1. Mass Servicing: The capacity to service up to 2000 hands with a single tank of sanitizer made the kiosks highly efficient in high-footfall areas such as malls.
  1. Continued Campaigns: Eflyn’s solution empowered World Vision to continue its vital giving campaigns even during the pandemic, demonstrating adaptability and commitment to their mission.


The deployment of Eflyn Hand Sanitizer Kiosks transformed World Vision’s approach to giving campaigns in the face of adversity. By leveraging innovative technology, the organization successfully engaged with the public, maintained safety measures, and effectively communicated its mission. The kiosks not only provided a way to safely host campaigns but also facilitated efficient hand sanitization, thereby contributing to a safer and healthier environment.


The collaboration between Eflyn and World Vision exemplifies the power of innovative thinking and technology in times of challenges. By embracing a multifunctional approach and prioritizing safety, World Vision successfully hosted impactful giving campaigns that aligned with their mission even during the pandemic. Eflyn’s Hand Sanitizer Kiosks demonstrated their potential to create meaningful change while addressing real-world challenges, making them an essential tool for organizations navigating the complexities of the new normal.


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