Published: October 26, 2021
Ontario, Canada

Case Study: Empowering Solar Innovation with Interactive Kiosks at Lowe's

Client: Solar Brokers Canada in Partnership with Lowe’s


Solar Brokers Canada, in collaboration with Lowe’s, sought a modern and digitized approach to enhance the promotion and awareness of their diverse range of Solar Roofing Systems within Lowe’s stores. The goal was to provide visitors with an interactive and informative experience that would effectively highlight the features of the available Solar Roofing Systems and streamline the lead collection process.


Eflyn collaborated closely with Solar Brokers Canada to design a comprehensive solution that would transform the promotion and information dissemination about Solar Roofing Systems. The primary solution was an interactive free-standing kiosk, equipped with a custom-built application tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Interactive Information Dissemination: The interactive kiosk became a digital hub for educating and engaging visitors about the features, benefits, and options of Solar Roofing Systems. This digital platform allowed users to explore the products and make informed decisions.
  1. Custom “Qualify Me Now" Feature: Eflyn developed a unique “qualify me now" feature within the application. This innovative tool streamlined the lead collection process, enabling potential customers to express interest and provide their information effortlessly.
  1. Enhanced Lead Management: The lead information collected through the “qualify me now" feature was efficiently managed, ensuring that potential customers were effectively engaged and nurtured throughout the sales process.
  1. Custom Vinyl Branding: Eflyn designed and implemented custom vinyl branding for the kiosks. This branding not only attracted attention but also created a visually cohesive and appealing presence within the Lowe’s stores.
  1. Multi-Location Deployment: The digital signage solution was deployed across 60 Lowe’s locations in Canada, providing a consistent and widespread platform for engaging potential customers.


The collaborative efforts between Solar Brokers Canada, Lowe’s, and Eflyn resulted in a transformation of how Solar Roofing Systems were promoted and understood. The interactive kiosk solution significantly enhanced customer engagement, allowing visitors to explore Solar Roofing Systems with ease and collect essential lead data seamlessly.


The success story of Solar Brokers Canada and Lowe’s exemplifies the power of innovative technology in revolutionizing traditional marketing and customer engagement strategies. By leveraging interactive kiosks, custom applications, and expertly designed branding, the partnership achieved not only heightened customer interest but also streamlined lead generation and management. Eflyn’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions aligned with the client’s goals played a pivotal role in creating a dynamic and impactful platform for promoting Solar Roofing Systems. This case study underscores how technology can reshape the customer experience and drive business growth in the modern era.


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