Published: May 29, 2023
Columbus, Ohio

Enriching Historical Engagement with Eflyn's Outdoor Digital Signage Touch Screen

Ohio Holocaust And Liberators Memorial

Case Study: Enhancing Historical Engagement with Eflyn’s Outdoor Digital Signage Touch Screen

Client Overview:

The Ohio State House, a prominent institution committed to preserving history and educating the public, sought to enhance their Holocaust Museum’s visitor experience. In collaboration with Eflyn, a leader in interactive technology solutions, the museum embarked on a transformative journey to modernize its engagement strategies.


The Ohio State House Holocaust Museum aimed to create a more immersive and educational experience for visitors. Traditional displays limited their ability to convey the depth and impact of historical events. They needed a cutting-edge solution that could effectively communicate the stories of survivors, honor the memories of those lost, and engage visitors in a profound way.


Eflyn’s 55" outdoor digital signage touch screen was chosen to bring history to life. Its durable design, combined with high-definition display capabilities, made it the perfect choice for the museum’s outdoor installation. The interactive touch screen technology allowed visitors to engage with multimedia content, view survivor testimonies, explore historical timelines, and learn about the Holocaust’s impact on society.


  1. Immersive Education: The interactive touch screen allowed visitors to delve into comprehensive information about the Holocaust, fostering a deeper understanding of its historical significance.
  1. Personalized Learning: The touch screen’s intuitive interface empowered visitors to navigate content at their own pace, encouraging a personalized and immersive learning experience.
  1. Impactful Stories: The display showcased survivor testimonies, shedding light on individual experiences and honoring the memory of victims, connecting visitors on a human level to the history.
  1. Enhanced Engagement: The combination of visually appealing graphics, interactive features, and audiovisual content captivated visitors, encouraging them to spend more time exploring and learning.
  1. Durability: Eflyn’s outdoor digital signage touch screen was engineered to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance throughout all seasons.
  1. Modernization: The museum’s historical exhibits were brought into the digital age, offering a fresh perspective and bridging generational gaps in understanding.


Through the collaboration with Eflyn, the Ohio State House Holocaust Museum successfully transformed its visitor experience. The 55" outdoor digital signage touch screen became an integral part of the museum, conveying the powerful stories of the Holocaust in an engaging and interactive manner. This modernization not only heightened visitor engagement but also solidified the museum’s commitment to honoring history and educating future generations.

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