Published: January 6, 2020

Eflyn's Month-Long Holiday Marketing Campaign: A Festive Success Story at Toys R Us

A holiday marketing success story! Learn how Eflyn's interactive kiosks, Photo Wall, and Video Postcards brought the magic of the season to Toys R Us, driving foot traffic and engaging customers in a heartwarming campaign.

Eflyn's Festive Holiday Marketing Campaign at Toys R Us: Interactive Photo Wall, Holiday Video Postcards, and More!


In the world of interactive marketing and customer engagement, Eflyn’s month-long holiday campaign at Toys R Us stood out as a shining example of creativity, innovation, and success. Leveraging our Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks, Photo Wall (powered by SocialBooth Pro), and captivating Holiday Video Postcards, we brought the magic of the holiday season to life. This case study delves into the strategies, achievements, and the impact of our campaign, showcasing how Eflyn made the holidays brighter for Toys R Us and its customers.

The Challenge:

Toys R Us faced the challenge of making their holiday marketing campaign not just memorable but also interactive and engaging. They sought to create a unique and immersive experience that would drive foot traffic to their stores, boost customer engagement, and generate valuable leads.

The Solution:

Eflyn’s team collaborated closely with Toys R Us to design an all-encompassing holiday marketing campaign. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks: We deployed our 55" Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks at select Toys R Us locations, strategically placing them to capture maximum attention. These kiosks became the focal point of our campaign.
  2. Photo Wall (SocialBooth Pro): The Photo Wall feature allowed customers to capture holiday-themed photos with their families and friends. These photos were shareable on social media, amplifying the reach of the campaign.
  3. Holiday Video Postcards: Customers could record interactive video postcards, sending personalized holiday messages to their loved ones. This feature added a heartwarming touch to the campaign.
  4. Marketing Features: Our kiosks also integrated marketing features such as newsletter sign-ups, providing Toys R Us with a valuable database of potential customers.
  5. “R" Postcards Favorites: To make the campaign even more special, customers had the opportunity to become stars in Toys R Us’s weekly video montage, featuring their favorite “R" postcards.

The Results:

Eflyn’s month-long holiday marketing campaign exceeded all expectations:

– Foot Traffic Surge: The campaign attracted a significant increase in foot traffic to Toys R Us stores, driving more customers through their doors.

– Engaging Content: The Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks, Photo Wall, and Video Postcards created engaging and memorable experiences for customers, resulting in longer store visits.

– Lead Generation: The marketing features incorporated into the kiosks allowed Toys R Us to build a substantial database of potential customers interested in their products and promotions.

– Social Media Buzz: Shareable photos and heartfelt video postcards generated a buzz on social media, increasing the campaign’s online visibility.

– Customer Loyalty: Becoming a part of the weekly video montage with their favorite “R" postcards fostered a sense of community and customer loyalty.


Eflyn’s month-long holiday marketing campaign at Toys R Us not only met but surpassed its objectives. By combining cutting-edge technology with interactive and heartwarming experiences, we helped Toys R Us create a memorable holiday season for its customers. This campaign exemplifies the power of interactive marketing in boosting engagement, driving foot traffic, and nurturing customer loyalty. Eflyn is proud to have played a role in making the holidays brighter for Toys R Us and its cherished customers.


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