Published: July 3rd, 2022
Anaheim, California

Case Study: YouTube Shorts Drive-Thru Experience at VidCon with Eflyn Outdoor Digital Signage and Digital Kiosks

Case Study: YouTube Shorts Drive-Thru Experience at VidCon with Eflyn Outdoor Digital Signage and Digital Kiosks


VidCon, an annual convention for digital creators held in Anaheim, California, is a hub of innovation, creativity, and community for content creators and their fans. YouTube sought to demonstrate the fun and creativity that thrives on its platform, particularly within the realm of YouTube Shorts. This desire led to the creation of a captivating Drive-Thru experience at VidCon, showcasing the power of YouTube Shorts and celebrating creators.

The Vision:

Christeen Kim, the Director and Global Head of YouTube Shorts Marketing, envisioned a dynamic and engaging presence at VidCon. The goal was to offer attendees a unique experience that would both celebrate the creativity of YouTube Shorts and connect attendees with their favorite creators. The Drive-Thru experience, featuring Eflyn’s custom kiosks with built-in printers, would serve as the vehicle for this vision.

The Drive-Thru Experience:

The Drive-Thru experience was a fully branded and interactive spectacle, purpose-built to engage and energize VidCon attendees, fans, and creators. Over three exhilarating days, attendees discovered the thrill of connecting with creators through personal interactions. The experience was not only enjoyable but also educational, highlighting the magic that unfolds when making or watching YouTube Shorts.

Key Elements:

– Eflyn Custom Outdoor Kiosks: Attendees interacted with Eflyn’s custom kiosks, equipped with touch screen features for seamless ordering. The kiosks featured built-in printers to provide guests with receipts for their orders.

– Free Food: All food at the Drive-Thru was offered entirely free, creating a delightful experience for all attendees.

– The Drive-Thru: Attendees placed their orders at the Drive-Thru digital signage using the kiosks, then proceeded to the pickup window to collect their selected food.

Results and Impact:

YouTube’s Drive-Thru experience at VidCon left an indelible mark, generating impressive results and fostering a sense of community.

– Visitor Engagement: The Drive-Thru attracted approximately 17,000 visitors, offering each one an opportunity to explore the world of YouTube Shorts and creativity.

– Share of Voice: YouTube Shorts garnered a remarkable 65% social share of voice, overshadowing the title sponsor TikTok’s 25%.

– Viewership and Watch Time: The event amassed 48 million views and clocked 1.5 million hours of watch time on YouTube Shorts.

– Creator Engagement: The Drive-Thru experience inspired the creation of 34,000 unique Shorts, with 40% crafted by new creators.

– Creator Satisfaction: An after-event survey revealed that 80% of creators strongly agreed that YouTube is the premier platform for creators, instilling confidence in their future on the platform.

By providing an engaging and unique event, YouTube effectively showcased the creative potential of YouTube Shorts. It celebrated creators, enriched the sense of community, and contributed to the platform’s position as a leading hub for short-form video content. The Drive-Thru experience became a testament to the power of creativity, engagement, and the community within the digital realm.

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Case Study: YouTube Shorts Drive-Thru Experience at VidCon with Eflyn Outdoor Digital Signage and Digital Kiosks

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