Published: December, 27 2023
San Jose, CA

Amplifying Santana Row's Luxury Experience with Eflyn V8 Dual-Sided 55" Touch Screen Digital Signage

Amplifying Santana Row's Luxury Experience with Eflyn V8 Dual-Sided 55


Santana Row, situated in the heart of San Jose, California, is not only a luxury residential and commercial district but also an epitome of high-tech innovation and development. With 615 luxury rental homes, 219 privately owned condos, approximately 1.1 million square feet of Class A office space, 50 exquisite shops, 30 gourmet restaurants, 10 premium spas and salons, a chic boutique hotel, and an upscale movie theatre, Santana Row caters to a diverse array of visitors. To further elevate this luxury experience, Santana Row partnered with Eflyn to implement an integrated solution that combined outdoor touch screen digital signage, the EasyFind Pro wayfinding application, an Events Calendar, and the ESuite Advertising module. This case study delves into how Eflyn’s technology transformed Santana Row into a more visitor-friendly and dynamic destination.


Santana Row faced several challenges in enhancing its luxury experience:

  1. Navigation: With an extensive array of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and office spaces, visitors often found it challenging to navigate the sprawling complex efficiently.
  2. Advertising: Local businesses within Santana Row sought more effective platforms to showcase their products, services, and events to the upscale clientele.
  3. Information: Visitors demanded access to real-time information about Santana Row’s dynamic events, promotions, and luxury amenities.

Eflyn’s Solution:

Eflyn’s comprehensive solution, anchored by the V8 Dual-Sided 55" Touch Screen Digital Signage, addressed Santana Row’s challenges in the following ways:

  1. Outdoor Touch Screen Digital Signage: Eflyn strategically installed dual-sided 55" touch screen digital signage throughout Santana Row, seamlessly blending with the luxurious surroundings. These displays functioned as interactive wayfinding kiosks, empowering visitors to effortlessly locate shops, restaurants, restrooms, and parking areas. The high-brightness screens ensured visibility even in direct sunlight, complementing the upscale environment.
  2. EasyFind Pro Wayfinding Application: Santana Row leveraged the EasyFind Pro wayfinding application to provide visitors with step-by-step directions to any destination within the complex. This user-friendly application facilitated a seamless shopping and dining experience, allowing guests to effortlessly navigate the luxury surroundings.
  3. Events Calendar: Eflyn’s digital signage prominently showcased Santana Row’s dynamic events, sales, and promotions through the Events Calendar module. Real-time event information ensured visitors remained informed about the latest happenings, adding to the allure of the luxury destination.
  4. E Suite Advertising Module: Local businesses thrived on the ESuite Advertising module, which enabled them to elevate their visibility within Santana Row’s affluent clientele. This platform allowed businesses to promote their upscale products, services, and exclusive events directly on the digital signage displays, resulting in increased foot traffic and higher sales.


The implementation of Eflyn’s integrated solution yielded remarkable results:

  1. Elevated Luxury Experience: Santana Row’s visitors now enjoy a luxurious and technologically advanced experience, where navigation is effortless and information is at their fingertips.
  2. Enhanced Business Exposure: Local businesses within Santana Row have experienced heightened exposure and engagement through the ESuite Advertising module, translating into increased revenue and prominence.
  3. Effective Event Promotion: Santana Row’s dynamic events, sales, and promotions have reached a broader audience, leading to higher attendance and active participation.
  4. Engaged Visitors: The interactive touch screens have captivated visitors, encouraging them to explore Santana Row more comprehensively and indulge in its luxury offerings.

Client Satisfaction:

The client was not only pleased but thrilled with the results. The Eflyn solution not only met but exceeded their expectations. They reported a significant increase in customer satisfaction, and businesses at Santana Row were taking full advantage of the cloud signage advertising platform, leading to a substantial boost in revenue.


Santana Row’s collaboration with Eflyn has taken the luxury experience to new heights by resolving navigation challenges and enhancing local business exposure. With an integrated solution comprising outdoor touch screen digital signage, the EasyFind Pro wayfinding application, an Events Calendar, and the ESuite Advertising module, Santana Row has solidified its position as a premier luxury destination in San Jose, California. This case study exemplifies the transformative impact of Eflyn’s technology on elevating visitor experiences in upscale environments, particularly in Santana Row—a hub of luxury, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.

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