Published: July 28, 2023
San Jose, CA

Case Study: Eflyn's Outdoor Digital Signage Success at Santana Row San Jose

Case Study: Eflyn's Outdoor Touch Screen Digital Signage Revolutionizes Santana Row San Jose

Challenge: Santana Row, an upscale shopping and dining destination in San Jose, sought to enhance its visitor experience and boost revenue through cutting-edge technology. They were looking for a solution that would not only provide wayfinding assistance but also create an interactive and engaging atmosphere for their patrons.


Eflyn stepped in with an innovative approach. They introduced a state-of-the-art Dual Screen 55″ Outdoor Touch Screen Digital Signage system, featuring a robust touch screen wayfinding system and cloud-based signage for interactive advertising. This comprehensive solution promised to transform Santana Row into a more dynamic, lively, and revenue-generating center.


Eflyn meticulously installed and integrated the dual-screen digital signage system throughout Santana Row. The touch screen wayfinding system made navigation effortless, helping visitors find their desired destinations quickly and efficiently. The cloud-based signage allowed for interactive advertising, enabling businesses at Santana Row to showcase their products and promotions dynamically.


The impact of Eflyn’s solution was immediate and profound. Santana Row experienced a surge in foot traffic as visitors embraced the ease of navigation and engaged with the interactive advertisements. The center became a hub of activity, breathing new life into the environment and enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Client Satisfaction:

The client was not only pleased but thrilled with the results. The Eflyn solution not only met but exceeded their expectations. They reported a significant increase in customer satisfaction, and businesses at Santana Row were taking full advantage of the cloud signage advertising platform, leading to a substantial boost in revenue.


Eflyn’s Dual Screen 55″ Outdoor Touch Screen Digital Signage, coupled with a cutting-edge wayfinding system and interactive cloud signage, revitalized Santana Row San Jose. The project was not just a success; it was a transformation, turning Santana Row into a dynamic and revenue-generating destination.

This case study showcases how Eflyn’s innovative solutions can revolutionize outdoor digital signage, delivering tangible benefits to both clients and their customers.

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