Published: May 11, 2020
Orange, California

Sanitizer Kiosk Station - Thoughtfully designed hand sanitizer dispenser with a built-in 21.5” multi-touch Android display

A touchscreen ordering system is very appealing. Millennials, in particular, are now looking for experiences rather than just good food, and the modern and fresh outlook that a self serving kiosk generates is going to provide customers with that very experience.

As businesses slowly open up there has been a lot of discussion about how customer attitudes have changed and what business owners can do to respond effectively. This article from RetailDive has some great insights:

As a world-leader in self-order/self-checkout kiosks, we are seeing a lot of interest in this technology today. However, we also understand that as powerful as self-checkout technology can be it is not always the solution for every business.


That’s why we designed the Sanitizer Kiosk, a multi-purpose 21.5″ protected touch display with a hand sanitizer dispenser. This new kiosk is designed to empower communication, prevent contamination, and promote good hygiene, all while serving as the perfect platform for COVID-19 messaging or digital signage advertising.

Based on popular feedback we really believe the Sanitizer Kiosk is the perfect solution for businesses where self-checkout is not an option but managers are still looking for ways to reduce fear, increase calm and protect customers.

If you think the Sanitizer Kiosk makes sense for your business please feel free to reach out anytime to discuss it further.

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