Published: Jul 3, 2021
Orange, California

Eflyn’s Latest Outdoor Kiosk Models are now equipped with Anti-Reflective Glass

Restaurant and retail operators can now bring the power of outdoor digital signage and self order kiosks with the possibilities of AR Glass

ORANGE, CA- Have you ever used your phone or tablet outdoors and noticed how distracting it is to see your reflection on the screen? Not only does this reflection make it difficult to read the screen, it also negatively impacts the entire user experience. 

Anti-reflective coating (also called “AR coating" or “anti-glare coating") virtually eliminates all kinds of reflections from glass, such as a customer’s own reflection. Most ordinary screen glass virtually works like a mirror and they are quite a distraction. The reflections of retail lighting and or sunlight glare make it very difficult to read through your beautiful menu and quality set of product images. 

With AR glass and reflections gone, more light passes through and optimizes the visual acuity of your customers who are placing orders on the screen.

Many manufacturers and suppliers of outdoor digital displays do not add this very important and distinctive attribute either because of their cost-cutting measures or they do not have experience or data to understand the importance of an AR Glass in the outdoor digital signage or outdoor self serve checkout. If the customer complains about this problem they suggest putting an “anti glare film” on the screen to solve this problem — which actually makes things worse. Remember, Anti-glare film adds another layer on top of the glass — it does nothing to change the underlying material that is reflecting light. On the other hand, it actually takes away color accuracy and brightness from the screen. The anti-reflective coating process is both from inside and outside of the glass, synthesizing the light transmission in a more precise way without compromising the image, vibrancy of deep colors, and quality of the LCD.

Eflyn uses only AR glass in all our 2021 Outdoor Kiosk models. That’s one of the many reasons why you need to ensure you are dealing with a supplier who has experience and knowledge of what works best for your customers. 

On Eflyn screens customers can now browse menus or catalogs and can experience beautiful high-resolution images with no distraction and or eye strain. It is important that when you purchase an outdoor digital display or outdoor self-checkout kiosk for your project, make sure you are buying it with AR glass. This is your one-time purchase that can become a long-term investment in the quality of your display and user experience. 

Want to learn more about AR glass? Book an appointment to visit us in one of our showrooms and we can show you the difference that Anti-Reflective glass can make! 


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