Published: Jan 12, 2022
Orange, California

4 ways you as a business owner can generate thousands of qualifying business leads with Eflyn’s Spin The Wheel Application

Eflyn Spin To Win App

At Eflyn, we strive to create the best hardware tailored to your business needs. However, our mission doesn’t just end there. Alongside the best hardware technology, consumers need the best software applications to take advantage of the beauty of Eflyn’s complete solutions. All of our software applications have been built in-house and custom created from the ground up in response to the needs of our clients. They have then vigorously been tested to ensure the highest quality of performance. 

One of our most popular applications is Spin The Wheel, which has been used by restaurants, retailers, academic institutions, tradeshows, and marketing firms for years. Spin the Wheel is the best kiosk app for engaging clients, increasing brand awareness, and generating leads for future business. With this application, businesses can customize the app interface to match branding colors, control all gaming scenarios and collect accurate user contact information. 

So the question remains, why is Spin the Wheel such a successful way of generating leads for your business? Spin the Wheel has proven time and time again to be one of the most innovative and successful applications for the following reasons: 

  • The game is fun. 

Although the business owner is in complete control of the prizes allotted to each spin and how many spins can take place, the idea of winning something by simply entering an email address and clicking a button has users hooked. Visitors love playing the game and having their family and friends join in on the fun! 

  • The application is user-friendly. 

When it comes to lead generation, you want to attract people of all ages to your product. Spin the Wheel was designed with the user in mind, which is why it is the most efficient way to generate leads. There is no lengthy line of questions required before playing Spin the Wheel. As visitors walk up to the application, they simply need to fill out the required fields of information and hit “Spin the Wheel” to get started. 

  • Spin the Wheel can simultaneously advertise your products and collect reliable leads. 

With the combination of the Spin the Wheel application on Eflyn’s clear and crisp display Kiosks, you can feel confident that the second your visitors see the Kiosk, they will recognize and remember your branding, your products, and your business. This is because Eflyn displays are built to maximize marketing space and help you get your message out. 

  • Spin the Wheel can create accurate reporting for your business. 

With a subscription to Eflyn’s Esuite program, your business would access Eflyn’s large catalog of lead-generating applications. Esuite empowers business owners with the ability to customize their kiosk displays, all the while generating accurate reporting data to help reach customers directly with business messaging. 

Want to learn more about how Spin the Wheel can benefit your business? Book a virtual consultation with our Product Specialists today to learn more about this innovative application.


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