Smart Unattended Micro Retail Establishment for Shopify

Eflyn Heron Smart Micro Market For Shopify

Eflyn Heron Micro Market is a truly smart micro market with a beautiful 21.5” large full hd ultra pcap touchscreen technology that helps increase sales by presenting products in a visually appealing manner.

Designed for the world’s best ecommerce engine Shopify, you now have the opportunity to sell online, in person and on the Heron Micro Market at a fraction of cost.

Next-level vending solution

Unattended Mart with a Shopify Self-Checkout Kiosk

Integrated with Shopify enterprise level web-based kiosk management application, making inventory evaluation and up-to-date regulatory practices is easier than ever before. With Heron’s built-in smart sensors fully integrated with Shopify API, the management of products and dispensing is very convenient and efficient.

A Micro Market with Digital Signage Revenue & Marketing Opportunities

Eflyn Heron Smart Micro Market comes with an optional Digital Signage Kit

Heron comes with an optional digital signage kit including software and hardware. Strategically engineered and horizontally placed set of dual side by side 32” HD digital screens provide your customers with unique and exciting ways to drive customer engagement. In combination, Eflyn built-in digital signal signage cloud software ESuite, you can now control, schedule your digital signage campaigns from anywhere in the world to any or all of Heron’s smart micro market. Share branded contents, on-screen messages, video marketing or make additional revenue by selling advertising space.

Commercial and Retail Use & Benefits of Heron Micro Market

Our research shows the great use and benefits of the Heron Micro Market in the following commercial and retail places.

Healthcare: Fueling staff and food for visitors, healthy snack choices on the micro market vending machines are becoming increasingly popular, and for hospitals and healthcare environments in particular.

Education: At the Schools, Colleges, Universities students and visitors have a convenient source of healthy snacks, food and beverages throughout the day

Hospitality: Hotels, Casinos, Attractions, Theatres & Cinemas, Sports Arena and more. Micro-market is replacing hotel lobby pantries, gift shops, breakfast bars and snack food vending machines. The hotel pantry may be located adjacent to the front desk, thereby allowing staff to manage its operation. A gift shop typically is staffed but open only part of the day, limiting guest access and revenue potential. Vending machines usually allow guests a limited variety of choices and payment options. A micro-market can replace these alternatives and provide a secure, convenient and wide selection of products.

Retailers: Departmental Stores, Speciality Stores, Supermarkets, Drugstores, Convenience Stores, Discount Stores, Shopping Malls and many other type of Retailers

Corporate: Office Buildings, Lobbies, Co-working Spaces, Industries, Manufacturing and many others. The installation of a micro-market has been described as a mini-convenience store that can be placed inside an employee break room. A micro-market implementation results in employees being able to choose among a wide variety of products followed by a self-checkout procedure.

Others: Airports, Gyms, Federal, State, Provincial and City Offices: Libraries, Museums, City Center, Drivers and various public service offices. A micro market would be the perfect checkout solution for post-workout snacks, employee break room, office lounge or cafeteria.



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