Designed to empower communication, prevent contamination and promote good hygiene.

Automatic Dispenser. Intelligent dispensing sensor built-in that lights up green during use.
Digital Signage. Upload images and videos to inform customers and advertise your products and services. Use E Suite to access 100s of customizable poster templates.
Touchscreen Display. The 21.5" multi-touch PCAP display (optional) gives you the ability to interactive and engage with users. Pair with E Suite to create buttons, custom forms and use lead generating apps to capture user data.
Design and Protection
  • Perfect for hotels, malls and large retail and office complexes
  • Promote good hygiene throughout your hotel, office or restaurant
  • Bold and eye-catching Digital Signage Display
  • Multi-touch Android Kiosk with support for thousands of apps
  • Keep workplaces informed
  • Protect guests and customers
  • Place in key locations to provide daily reminders.
  • Comes with EflynShield Anti-bacterial/anti-viral protection for up to 1 year