Free-Standing Multi-Touch Kiosks

Eflyn Free Standing Kiosks Front and Back showing the insides

Build your brand with digital signage kiosks.

Increase customer responsiveness with the power of interactive free-standing digital signage. These displays are mobile, flexible and come with a built-in computer that gives you the freedom to reach customers in new and more meaningful ways.
Available in 42``, 47`` & 55`` Sizes

Available in 42``, 47`` & 55`` Sizes

Multi-touch Display

Multi-touch Display

HD 1080p or 4K Displays

HD 1080p or 4K Displays

Custom Branding Option Available

Custom Branding Option Available

Microsoft Windows 10 or Android OS

Microsoft Windows 10 or Android OS

High-Brightness 24/7 Displays

High-Brightness 24/7 Displays

Eflyn Free Standing Kiosk at Eyestar Optical people playing with the Spin To Win App

Digital Signage Features

A new style of digital signage for unparalleled results.

In today’s world of information and multimedia, it’s becoming more difficult to grab people’s attention. Now using images, video, animation and other multimedia content, you can reach your target audience in a much more effective way.

With beautiful high-definition screens and their unique close-up format, digital signage kiosks can help you attract more people to your store, event booth or restaurant.

Free Standing Design

Re-engineered for stability and ease of installation.

The free-standing design gives you ultimate mobility and ease of installation with digital signage. Now you can setup your displays anywhere, and move them around quickly with wheels. The heavy-duty base provides complete structural stability to ensure your displays are not damaged.

Eflyn Free Standing Kiosk Base
Eflyn Attachable Kiosk Wheels

Mobile Design

Move easily with indoor locking wheels.

All free-standing kiosks come with 4 indoor wheels that have built-in brakes. The wheels are easily screwed in to or removed from the base. Easily move around your kiosks and put them in any location you want.

Secure Mount for Camera

A flexible camera mount for multiple applications.

Exclusive to Eflyn interactive kiosks is the flexible camera mount. This nifty device lets you hookup a webcam to your free-standing kiosk for interactive applications such as the social media photobooth.

The camera mount is made of durable metal to withstand abuse in public places, and has FlexAngle technology to allow it to move and position the camera securely while it is mounted on the unit.

Eflyn Free Standing Kiosk displaying SocialBooth Pro App and Mounted Camera
Eflyn Free Standing Kiosk Back showing the internal parts

Removable PC

High uptime and low maintenance cost with removable PCs.

Eflyn free-standing kiosks are built with removable PCs so you can easily manage them. Unlike older free-standing kiosks where the PC is built-into the unit, you can remove the PC in Eflyn’s new models to make support and maintenance a breeze. If the PC needs further repairs, it’s easy to ship it out to Eflyn’s repair centres.

Interactive Applications

With interactive touch screens, you can take digital signage to a whole new level.

Eflyn free-standing digital displays come with powerful 6-point multi-touch screens that enable a wide variety of interactive applications. Take a look at a few of the many apps that are designed to work with this new technology.

Eflyn Free Standing Kiosks being managed through the Saigon Content Management System via Laptop

Digital Content Management

Manage your digital ads with incredible ease.

Saigon is fully-featured web app built from the ground-up to make managing your digital signage simple, incredibly flexible and even fun! It supports a lot of great features including:

Live updates and synchronized content

Manage multiple kiosks and campaigns

State-of-the-art content designer

Professional animations/transitions 100s of templates ready-to-use

Schedule kiosk sleep/wake times

Eflyn Free Standing Kiosk Vinyl



A Kiosk wrap is a billboard, that is constantly advertising for your company. At Eflyn our kiosk wraps are made from durable vinyl that can endure years of use.

Easy apply and remove, our kiosk wraps give you a simple way to quickly change the the look of your kiosk. We can custom design your kiosk wrap to fit your specific kiosk. Have a kiosk wrap design in mind? Send it to us and we can produce your kiosk wrap for you. Not sure what you want on your kiosk wrap? Share your ideas with us and our design team will create the perfect kiosk wraps for you!

Built for 24/7/365 Commercial Use

The latest in digital display technology.

Exclusive to Eflyn interactive kiosks is the flexible camera mount. This nifty device lets you hookup a webcam to your free-standing kiosk for interactive applications such as the social media photobooth.

Eflyn digital displays are engineered to deliver the highest quality images. Every display is calibrated for color, sharpness and contrast. The display starts with the LED panel capable of running 24/7 with no burn-in.

The IR touch-screen is then fitted to the LCD for maximum accuracy. A layer of tempered class covers these essentials providing protection against damage.

Eflyn Free Standing Kiosk Labelled Anatomy
Eflyn 42" Free Standing Kiosk Size Specifications

Size Specification of 42” Touch Screen Free Standing Kiosk

Height: 72.8 inches (1850 mm)
Width: 24.8 inches (630mm)
Depth: 3.3 inches (85mm)
Weight: 100 Kgs (220 lbs)

Size Specification of 47” Touch Screen Free Standing Kiosk

Height: 74.4 inches (1890 mm)
Width: 27.2 inches (690mm)
Depth: 3.3 inches (85mm)
Weight: 118 Kgs (260 lbs)

Eflyn 47" Free Standing Kiosk Size Specifications
Eflyn 55" Free Standing Kiosk Size Specifications

Size Specification of 55” Touch Screen Free Standing Kiosk

Height: 76.7 inches (1948 mm)
Width: 30.9 inches (784mm)
Depth: 3.3 inches (85mm)
Weight: 145.15 Kgs (320 lbs)
Eflyn Catalogue Kiosk, Self Ordering Kiosk, and Various Free Standing Multi-Touch Kiosks Measurements

Symmetry and Proportion at its best:

There is one common thread underlying nearly every idea of attractiveness. It comes down to one very simple concept: the perfect engineering of symmetry and proportion at its best. This is why our Kiosks worthy of a second look!

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