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Size Comparison

Outdoor Drive Thru Digital Kiosks
32" and 49" D2 Series (Two Screens Side By Side)

Outdoor Digital Menu Board System

Video Presentation of The Outdoor Drive Thru Digital Menu Board Single, Double, and Three Screens Side by Side in 32" and 49"

Did you catch all that? Let’s recap

Powered by Windows 10 Pro

Kiosks are powered by built-in Intel PC using latest Microsoft Windows 10 Pro.

Online & In-Store Digital Shopping Experience 2-in-1

Offer clients Online and Unattended Self Checkout at the store.

Starts from $8 a day

The most affordable self checkout system in the world.

Anti Graffiti Coating

Graffiti on structures is an ongoing and increasing problem. The Eflyn V8 Series comes with a premium anti-graffiti coating and provides a surface from which graffiti, markings, decals and stickers can be easily removed.

Visible with Polarized Sunglasses

Touch Screen Outdoor Displays V8 Series comes with our most advanced PLO panels which offer outstanding visibility even when the viewer is wearing polarized sunglasses.

Automatic Brightness Sensors

Our Kiosks are equipped with automatic high brightness adjustment sensors.

Faster Checkout

Designed with touchpoints that provide your customers a faster checkout

Higher Sales, Less Wait Time

Designed to generate higher sales, less wait time, and faster checkout.

IP65 Protection

Sealed against dirt, dust, oils, contact with inner electronics, protected from water and mist from any direction and other non-corrosive material.

Self Order Kiosk

32”, 21.5” and 15.6" Self Ordering Kiosk



Want to learn about digital signage? How about self-serve kiosks or setting up your own video wall? Learn from one of our digital engagement experts about the latest in interactive display technologies and software.

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