Dec 11

6 Reasons Why Self-Ordering Kiosks are becoming the Secret Weapon for Successful Restaurants

The 21st century is an embodiment of technological progress— technology has now made its way into even the most private spheres of our lives. This wave of advancement has automated almost everything, and restaurants are no exception. The talk of the hour is now automated service, and here are 6 reasons why a self ordering kiosk is a vital ingredient to your recipe for success:

It will increase sales

A self ordering kiosk will never fail to show your customer every single add-on available on your menu, and that will increase sales— when presented with a variety of options in a graphical manner, customers tend to spend more.

It’s faster

Self service fast food screams speed. Anyone coming into a fast food restaurant isn’t planning to be there for more than 30 minutes, and a quick and easy-to-use self ordering kiosk will make sure you don’t have any grumpy customers anymore.

It’s accurate

How many times have you had to dump an order because the server made a mistake? Machines don’t make mistakes! A self ordering kiosk will ensure that this never happens again, making both, you and your customer happy.

It’s cheap!

An automated fast food kiosk that outlines all the different items available on your menu will, in the long run, be much cheaper than hiring a cashier/server. With the slim margins that restaurants operate with today, a competitive price is essential to success!

It increases aesthetic appeal!

Let’s face it, a fully automated fast food kiosk looks really cool. With restaurants spending thousands of dollars on their interiors and aesthetic appeal, a self ordering kiosk will help in differentiating your restaurant from most other restaurants. A self ordering kiosk shows the customer that your restaurant is modern and up to date, and with the rapid increase in the millennial generation, self service fast food may just become your unique selling point.

It helps you focus on other things!

Restaurants are, quite often, paralyzed on busy days just because half of the staff has to deal with taking orders and organizing them. A self service food ordering system allows restaurant staff to focus on expediting and delivering food, instead of being bogged down by engaging a significant amount of manpower to deal with the sheer number of customers trying to place an order. A self service food ordering system will hence, not only increase customer satisfaction but will also make sure employees aren’t overworked.

All in all, very soon it will be necessary for you to have a self ordering kiosk in your restaurant, but before then, you can use automated systems to give your restaurant an edge over others and make it the success story you’ve always dreamt of! At Eflyn, we have used extensive research and development methods to create some of the most compatible, easy-to-use, appealing, and economical automated kiosks available; if this article has left you convinced, try giving us a call!

About The Author

Rashid Qadri is a Canadian businessman, industrial designer, investor, and media planner. He is the chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), and co-founder of Eflyn., the chairman and majority shareholder of AMBIANZ INC. Qadri is widely recognized as a pioneer of the Digital Self Order Kiosks of the 2000s, along with Eflyn co-founder Dawar Rashid.

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