21.5″ Self Ordering System

Powerful self order machine in a smaller design.

45° Screen for Privacy and Accessibility

The 700nits high brightness screen built into the 45-degree housing gives your guests ample space and privacy for kiosk ordering.

Minimum Footprint For Self Service Kiosk Restaurant

The small footprint gives you the opportunity to have multiple units without sacrificing restaurant space.

Managers love the sleek new 21.5” model of Eflyn’s highly acclaimed self ordering system. This new smaller, mightier 21.5” Self Order Kiosk is exemplary in beauty and power.

Customized Self Order Kiosk App

The Eflyn fully customizable self order kiosk fast food app is thoughtfully designed to maximize ease-of-use, increase ticket size, and eliminate ordering errors.

Eflyn self service kiosk pos system increase restaurant food ordering average ticket size by as much as 20% or more with upsells and cross-sells.

Design and deploy custom scannable promotions, all on the self order kiosk and self service mobile app, using the same eflyn food ordering app

Place your prepaid order on Eflyn self serving kiosk or mobile app and the order will be sent to multiple kitchen printers or KDS kitchen display system

Generate smarter reports of the self order kiosk, mobile ordering, cash register, or from table ordering all using Eflyn all in one POS system

Intuitive and user-friendly self order kiosks restaurants user interface (UI) that supports a wide range of menu structures

Eflyn Self Service Food Kiosk System Supports the most popular payment methods. Including cash.

Eflyn Self Service Ordering System is Certified for payments in the US and Canada with more countries coming soon. Now supporting Apple Pay.

Payment Gateways

Restaurant Kiosks increase sales and eliminate ordering errors.

Scientifically-engineered user interface design for the happiest self ordering experience your customers will ever have.

Every detail is looked after to make the entire food ordering kiosk experience as smooth as possible. The order kiosk tap-based interface with easy-to-understand prompts, clear navigation, and menu structure will have your customers using the order kiosk as naturally as a phone.

Eflyn Kiosk Ordering System upsells, cross-sells fast food promotions elegantly presented to maximize customer appeal.

Eflyn Self Ordering Kiosk System Email & Receipt Template

When customers complete their ordering on the order kiosk, it will print a receipt with their order number and details. Email receipts are also optional.
The receipt template is fully customizable in self service kiosk pos system which is hosted and accessible via a secure web link and can be changed anytime with new messaging and promotions.

Impactful Messaging

Eflyn Self Order Machine is not just a Self Ordering Kiosk System only. It has a built-in digital signage software with hundreds of templates and lots of cool features, you can transform your self ordering kiosk into an impactful marketing tool.

Eflyn Self Order Kiosk Software has everything from branding, colors, backgrounds, and messaging can be customized anytime quickly and easily.

Add a personal touch to your restaurant self ordering system by adding preparation videos, appealing food and drinks, new menu items, and much more.

Kiosk Ordering System

Eflyn self service kiosk pos system has a fully built-in reporting database system. Search, filter, and sort all your transactions in the reporting database. You can easily customize, view, and download reports for reconciliation or import into third-party accounting systems.

Pair the top self order kiosk software with the top self order machine.

21.5” Multi-Touch Self Order Kiosk

Top 5 Features of the 21.5” Self Order Machine

21.5” Capacitive Touch Screen

21.5” Capacitive Touch Screen

Designed for the best and extremely fast paced environment.

Built-In Windows 10 PC

Built-In Windows 10 PC

Fully Licensed Windows Operating System.

Universal Payment Terminal Holder

Universal Payment Terminal Holder

(EMV & NFC Certifed)

Front Loading Industrial Printer

Front Loading Industrial Printer

Help you change paper rolls in seconds.

Lock and Key Cabinet

Lock and Key Cabinet

Completely secure cabinet with lock & key.

Front Loading Printer

The Eflyn Self Service Ordering Kiosk front-loading thermal printer is the best solution in the industry for printing receipts.

It supports industry-standard 80mm paper rolls and can easily be reloaded using the front panel, which is secured with a lock and key.

Eflyn Restaurant Kiosk Systems Flexible In Every Way

Universal Pin Pad Mount

Mount any type of payment terminal on the Eflyn self ordering system with our new universal pinpad mount. Supports popular pinpad models such as the Ingenico iPP320/350, Verifone MX-series, TD Generation Pinpads, and many more.

Size Specs of 21.5” Self Order Restaurant Kiosk

Horizontal Orientation (Landscape)

Full Height: 74.4 inches (1890 mm)
Width: 22.2 inches (565mm)
Height of monitor: 11.29 inches (363mm)
Width of monitor : 22.2 inches (565mm)

Size Specs of 21.5” Self Order Restaurant Kiosk

Vertical Orientation (Portrait)

Full Height: 74.4 inches (1890 mm)
Width: 11.29 inches (363mm)
Height of monitor : 22.2 inches (565mm)
Width of monitor : 11.29 inches (363mm)

High Performance Computer

Compact Self Order Machine with High-Performance Computer

The new and improved 21.5” Multitouch all in one pc is built with up-to-date components including the latest SSD drives, Intel i5 Processors, and faster memory.

The higher performance leads to more fluid and responsive customer experience, especially for self service kiosks with lots of images and videos.

21.5" Self Order Kiosks

Public Safety Approved

Anti-Bacterial Screen Protection

All new Eflyn Restaurant Self Ordering System comes coated with the world’s best anti-bacterial screen care. This preventative solution is also water-repellant, anti-radiation, scratch-resistant rated for 9H hardness, and does not cause any bubbles on the screen.

Improved and Fast Touch for the fast pace restaurant kiosk

Enjoy our Improved Multi-Touch Screen with Faster Response Time for your restaurant kiosk ordering. The multitouch screen is entirely redesigned to provide a faster response and more accurate touch recognition than ever before.

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